Overview of the major manufacturers of sewing machines.

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    How to choose a sewing machine?

    Times are different, but no matter what happens, people will always have need of at least two things - food and clothing. Therefore, those who chose to become a chef or seamstress will not remain without work ever. As well as those who know how to look for jobs in this craft.

    Therefore, the sewing machine in the house, if not the most important thing, it is very necessary. You can use it and save the family budget, family dressed in beautiful, stylish, and most importantly - exclusive clothes, and top it up, creating original outfits or items for sale.

    Once the sewing machine she could only lay flat on the fabric stitching, and a little later - overlozhivat edge. Today, the current models - a multi-function devices that are "able" not only to sew and embroider, but also to do a lot more interesting things. Some are designed for beginners and for simple everyday tasks of creating and repairing clothes.

    Others are more specific bias, they stopped their eyes, for example, master loskutnitsy to create masterpieces in the style of "patchwork". A third sewing machines - even for professional use. That is the world of these devices is very diverse, and choose a sewing machine should be carefully, knowing exactly what you get her. So, what aspects to consider when buying.

    The type and class of the sewing machine.

    Initially is to determine what type and class of the sewing machine will suit you the most. This again depends on how often and for what purpose you will use it. If the sewing machine you use only occasionally for repairing clothing and implementation of simple operations (take in, hem or neaten), then you should choose the simplest model. For example, the mechanical machine.


    The most famous models - sewing machines "Podolsk" or "Singer". Once such a machine was virtually in every home - our grandmothers did not use the services of "milliners' and skillfully manage themselves with minor repairs and often completely" trimmed "the whole family. This was the era of shortages and profitable business, and fit.

    Today, such models exist. As an example, you can call the Pfaff Select 4.2 or Family Gold Master 8124e, but mechanical sewing machines are still considered somewhat obsolete. Therefore, if you have enough money, even wiser to buy infrequent use electromechanical or electronic sewing machine.


    Electromechanical sewing machines with electric drive - they are actuated by slightly pressing on the pedal a little - today, perhaps the most popular. The speed depends on the power tool. The most popular models are considered machinery firms Janome, Singer, Jaguar.


    In electronic sewing machine, over-equipped and modern, the unit is responsible for the activities of the microprocessor that controls the movement of the needle. Such devices make a huge number of various operations, they have a large set of lines and a variety of additional functions. And if you're sewing on a professional level - these models are just for you.

    Purpose of the sewing machine.

    With the type of sewing machine you have decided on, and the next, on what is necessary to stop it her appointment. If you choose a car for the house, for frequent or infrequent use, should pay attention to those models that have the basic functions, not bulky, easy to use and easily portable from place to place. Ideal in this case will be Toyota ES 121, Brother LS 2125, Pfaff Expression 4.2.

    If you do quilting or, for example, the creation of quilts, sewing machine and select it for this, you should purchase a model with a large platform, and having a function is required to work in the style of patchwork. For example, one of the models the company Bernina or, for example, Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700 QCP, designed specifically for this purpose.

    For professional use we choose the most reliable, convenient and universal model with a large set of additional features. Among the most popular features - the embroidery unit. Ideal in this regard Performance 5.0 and Expression 3.2.

    If you are constantly engaged in sewing, the lowest in the sewing machine must be: a standard set of stitches, overlock machine loop function, the ability to adjust the length and width of the lines, and the power of the puncture needle. Not interfere with the automatic needle threader and reverse. You also can choose the type of hook - horizontally or vertically.

    When buying a sewing machine pay attention to the completeness of the instrument. Ideally, if the complete set of needles will be of different thicknesses and different tabs with different functionality (for decorative stitches, sewing on buttons, zippers, loops vymetyvaya etc.)

    But for whatever overpay extra money, we recommend you choose a sewing machine on the basis of only those functions that you need. Indeed, in practice, you will work with only a few the operation you need.



    Sewing machine Janome JS 1108
    Janome JS 1108

    Sewing machine Brother JS-50E
    Brother JS-50E

    Sewing machine Singer Simple 3232
    Singer Simple 3232

    Sewing machine Pfaff Expression 3.2
    Pfaff Expression 3.2

    Sewing machine AstraLux 323
    AstraLux 323

    Sewing machine Jaguar CR-800
    Jaguar CR-800

    Sewing Machine Juki HZL-E80
    Juki HZL-E80

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